Sorry 3000
Sorry 3000


Lorenz Troll

n the summer of last year, music journalist Linus Volkmann declared Sorry3000's debut "safe as the most important German pop record of 2020". That makes me sit up and take notice. Just like the band's origin: Halle an der Saale. That's where I've been living since the beginning of 2020. A new start like that is pretty exciting - until the pandemic. Clubs closed, pubs closed, contacts made difficult. Now there is this new band from a new city for me and their album "Warum Overthinking dich zerstört". A luck. I already feel understood by the title. The access to the complete work is first via "Nasenspray". Clean hit material. Never before has it been sung so naturally about the underestimated everyday drug and control compulsion in relationships. "Nobody stops him, no prescription required, no prescription required" - a refrain as humorous as it is danceable. I laugh like I haven't in a long time and hit repeat. The poppy synthesizers are as pretty ironic as the nubile names of band members Stefanie Heartmann, Frank Leiden, Joni Spumante, Bianca Stress and Fenge (turned from band intern to permanent member). But that's not all. From "Fitness" I feel directly caught with my new lockdown running shoes. "Fitness is my reality now...come join if you're fit too, if you're not fit, you just don't join." But I want to join, at least with the fan club Sorry3000. Their songs are about problems that everyone knows. Stupid name? Sorry3000 give real-life help: "Just call me Franky, the short form of Frank." Bicycle stolen? Never mind, it's part of life in the city. And the city in general. Songs like "Neustadt" or "Die Stadt ist schöner" also tell of the Halle feeling. About life in a small city in Germany, which seems beautiful, but somehow doesn't matter. "As a traveler in the ICE, Saxony-Anhalt hurts no one... Rauszuschauen remains a fun, a little shower and that's it," it says in "Tarifgebiet".The lyrics really hit home after repeated listening, after the first laugh comes the deepness. I'm in love. Linus Volkmann already suspected in his review: In 2008 Sorry3000 would have become "the hot shit in the overcrowded indie disco at Immergut". I think we dance safe to it also in 2021!

Bye, rags*.

*another song quote

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