Die vier Bandmitglieder in die Kamera schauend


Mario Simic

Beachboyesque soulpop sounds and a casual Wes Anderson look: Rikas are four Swabian indie bards who try out, take for a ride, perfect.

And they cart straight to Neustrelitz what we have been missing for far too long now: colorful offline joie de vivre, touching boyband choreos and an unmistakable sound collage that makes your toes wiggle.

"Showtime" is the name of the album they bring us, and Showtime delivers Rikas, as purposeful and stylish as we are called Immergut. And anyone who names himself after a proud dog lady can only be our friend anyway.

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Immergut Festival / Am Bürgerseeweg 28 / 17235 Neustrelitz
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