Paula Irmschler, Autorinnenporträt

Paula Irmschler

Jessica Barthel

"Reading about her is like boozing with your best friend, but without the hangover. Magical.

- Margarete Stokowski about Paula Irmschler

Paula grows up in Dresden in the 90s. There she is lastingly impressed by naked breasts in superheroine costumes flying through the nightly TV airwaves. Her mother raises her, alone. In 2010, Paula decides to move to Chemnitz to study, to escape from her family, to find herself. All this somehow turns out to be much more difficult for her than she thought, but she shows us: That's also just perfectly okay! Five years later, she lives in Cologne, works as a dresser and writes a column for Intro. She also publishes texts in Jungle World, Missy Magazine, Musikexpress, Jolie. Since 2018, she has been an editor at TITANIC. In her column in Neues Deutschland and in the podcast Feminism and Autotune, which she records together with Linus Volkmann, she spreads the call for an end to patriarchy. With terrific humor, Paula explains to us why shoplifting is like containerizing, only beforehand. She talks about insecurities in dealing with one's own body, about turbulent and toxic (love) relationships, about the strength of women* friendships, about manifested inequalities between the constructs of East and West, and about why women should please stick together and not stand in each other's way because of different ideologies. Paula encourages longing, uniqueness, fantasy, sexual self-determination, founding a band, even without any musical talent. She shows that you can sing along to all Britney Spears lyrics by heart, sleep your way through various beds and get drunk to excess if you like, and that you can still be a feminist at the same time.

The project was funded within the framework of "Neustart Kultur" by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media through the German Literature Fund.

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