Molchat Doma besteht aus drei männlichen Bandmitgliedern. Wir sehen sie nebeneinanderstehend.

Molchat Doma

Molchat Doma

So this is New Wave from Eastern Europe and of course it reminds us of Joy Division. But our days have become darker anyway, the outlook gloomy and how does it go again with the euphoria? So while everywhere (read: on your Tiktok FY page where side parting and skinny jeans are forbidden) the 90s are celebrated (you know: platform, belly free, fanny packs, tattoo necklace plastic thing), our little flowers are born between the so familiar prefab buildings in Belarus. And while "boomers" become a phenomenon, "doomers" are the ones who turn away from society = perfect soundtrack. In their homeland tour certificates have to be issued by the office (if you're lucky, it works out). We, however, do it differently: only the kissing hand was needed to drive up the Immergut stage for Molchat Doma. Lights out, Звук в эфире!

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Immergut Festival / Am Bürgerseeweg 28 / 17235 Neustrelitz
The Immergutrocken e.V. as the organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program. The house rules as shown on the notice apply on the event area.

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