Sänger Kaltenkirchen sitzt auf dem Boden und schaut hinauf in die Kamera


Steffen Geldner

Hi Kalti,

Your music is catching. It attacks me. And my feelings ride a roller coaster.

Your autotune works. It makes the heart race.

Your voice is great, just honest (red cheeks).

Your Anti-Schlager is even Schlager and you told me once, the Schlager did not let you go after a seminar (and I immediately wondered who else was in this seminar). I puzzled a few days later whether you also had a The Prodigy poster in your children's room.

The beat, the mic, the cable, your videos, your lyrics, your dance - you've mastered them all. Your disciplines.

Your guitar solos hurt, they just do well.

Your synthesizers you set BOLD, I like it. Feel in the bathroom like Falco on the highway in his Benz.

Everything is rolling, you have to stay.

"Only together can we maneuver our bodies out of the coldest time."


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