Alyona Alyona

Alyona Alyona

Alexander Dobrev

It's been a few years since school was about the choice of the first, second and even third foreign language. English, French, Latin - Russian simply disappeared as a choice over the school years. There was no language club. It's a pity, because a little feeling for the language usually sticks and today I could at least begin to sing along with Alyona Alyona.

Alyona Alyona is a phenomenon - her new, third album comes around the corner tongue-in-cheek as "Galas" (hype). Her journey so far resembles a musical fairy tale, from the provinces to a Kiev suburb to the world. Fortunately a fairy tale without tiring clichés: on the new album Alyona Alyona presents a diverse musical-thematic and linguistic mix thanks to collaborations with musicians* from all corners of the earth. Alyona Alyona herself raps in Ukrainian - not English, not Russian - and has struck a nerve in her homeland. In her songs, Alyona Alyona tells true-to-life stories from her everyday life - bling bling, drugs and ostentation do not appear in these stories. Why should they? These outdated clichés and superfluous stories don't interest Alyona Alyona, clichés don't seem to matter to her in principle. She makes music for herself and whoever wants to listen is welcome. The video for the song "Rybky" (Little Fish) was published on Youtube at the end of 2018 and attracted so much media attention that Alyona Sawranenko, who lives in Kiev and is a trained preschool teacher and psychologist with professional experience in kindergartens, became a role model that radiates beyond the country's borders. After all, Ukraine is really not known for a hip-hop scene, let alone female hip-hop artists. This situation has changed since Alyona Alyona inspires people outside Ukraine - also in Germany. Not only in music videos, but also live: With an incredible presence, lots of charm and wit she acts as a fixed star, fat beats, flow and groove in her luggage - how should the audience stand still?

Sitting still is undesirable. To end this story also scholastically: It's worth learning a little Ukrainian by the end of August - or just google Alyona Alyona's lyrics in the English version: "Я просто пишка (пушка) пишка" . Pushka - bomb.

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