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Photo: Jenny Schäfer

Here a chat, there a beer, a lollipop in the corner of your mouth like Lucky Luke with a blade of grass - and what was that again with the effervescent powder and the vodka? First the powder then the vodka or was there a lemon slice somewhere in between? No idea. But don’t worry, for every question and need the kiosk visitor might have, we have the answer. Sun protection factor 10 or better 20? What time is it? Where is my tent and where are my friends? Well, that one you have to figure out on your own. In our kiosk you can get the little things in life, the ones you forgot or didn’t even know you need until right there and then! Lighters, condoms, tooth brush… for little money it’s yours - and if you need some advise on which band you should see next, we can help you with that as well. See you later alligator!

Text: Steffi