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Photo: Ulrike Jäger

Here you will find some questions that people kept on asking us during the last few years. To avoid scrolling up and down you should use the search function (CTR+F or cmd+F) of your browser.


Can I get any day tickets?
•    If we are not sold out, you will get day tickets for Saturday right at the festival at the box office.

Is it possible to access the camping ground without a ticket?
•    Since the space at the camping ground is very limited, there is no entrance without a ticket.

Will I get a free ticket for my companion if I own a certificate of disability?
•    Yes, your companion will get free entrance on presentation of your certificate of disability. You’ll need to order your tickets online. Please contact tickets(at)immergutrocken.de in advance.

Can I access Immergut im Großen Haus with my festival ticket?
•    There are separate tickets for the events of Immergut im Großen Haus. Since the space there is so limited, we can’t let all the festival visitors in. You can get your extra ticket online.

I’d like to give a ticket for Christmas. How early in advance should I order it?
•    The national dispatch usually takes us 7-10 days.

Is there an early bird discount?
•    Yes. You can get a ticket for 50€ (first 500 tickets), 55€ (any ticket sold after the first 500 tickets, till March 20) and 60€ (any ticket sold from March 21 on). Added 5€ garbage deposit and pre-sales fee.

Can I get tickets right at the festival at the box office?
•    If we’re not sold out, you will get 2-day tickets and day tickets for Saturday at the box office.

Where do I get my festival bracelet?
•    You will get your festival bracelet at the entrance of the camping ground 1. There we’ll validate your ticket and give you your bracelet, garbage bags and the accompanying booklet.

When do I get my festival bracelet?
•    You can get your festival bracelet on Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the day at the entrance of the camping ground 1.

Do I need to get a ticket for my child as well?
•    There’s free entrance for children aged between 0 to 11 years. Anyone older than 11 years needs to get a normal festival ticket.

Do I have to pay extra for the shuttle from the train station to the festival area?
•    The shuttle from the train station in Neustrelitz to the festival area and the bathing lake is included in the price of your festival ticket.

When is the first shuttle, when is the last shuttle?
•    In early May cou can find the detailed timetable for the shuttle on here: http://immergutrocken.de/de/pages/pendelzug

I don't want to travel to Immergut alone. What can I do? 
•    If your car or DB group ticket still needs some company who can head over to FahrFahrAway. There you can find either a car or DB ticket for your ride-a-long or other festival guests looking for a ride in your car.

Can I arrive earlier?
•    You shouldn’t arrive before Thursday, because the camping ground is only opening Thursday noon.

Do you charge a fee for arriving by car?
•    The parking is free.

Is my ticket also valid for the Deutsche Bahn trains or the local busses in Neustrelitz?
•    No. Only the shuttle is included in your festival ticket.

How do I get from the train station to the festival area?
•    You should take the shuttle. For detailed information:  http://immergutrocken.de/de/pages/pendelzug

At the festival
I lost something. What should I do?
•    If you lost something extremely important (e.g. your car keys) during the festival, please contact the security staff. They’ll accompany you to the festival office where all the lost property is temporarily stored. If you only notice your loss after the festival, please contact post(at)immergutrocken.de with a detailed description of what you lost. As soon as we find it we’ll send it to you.

Can I bring my superduper camera? If not, why not?
•    You can bring any camera you like to the camping ground. When it comes to taking pictures at the festival area you are only allowed to use compact cameras. Please don’t bring any professional equipment. We’d like to respect the artists’ photographic rights.

Is the festival handicap-accessible?
•    Let’s put it that way: so so. When the weather is great the festival ground is a nice lawn. But when it rains it can get muddy and slippery. There aren’t any stairs or other obstacles and a wheel chair accessible toilet can be found on the camping ground.

Do you have lockers?
•    We don’t have any lockers. It’s best if you keep your valuables at home or inside your car, but we wouldn’t recommend leaving them inside your tent.

Is there any way to charge my phone?
•    Yes, with a little workout. At the entrance of camping ground 1 you can find the booth of our friends from Konzertkultour. There you can rent a bike and a charging station for your phone. By riding your bike you can charge your phone.

Can I take pictures and videos at the festival area?
•    You’re welcome to take pictures and videos. But please respect the privacy of others.

Is there an age restriction? Can I bring my kid?
•    We’re a child friendly festival. But please keep in mind that a festival is not a suitable place for infants and children. Teens under the age of 18 have to be accompanied by a legal guardian. Alternatively, they can enter the festival ground with a permission from their legal guardian which they have to carry with them at all times. You can find a prepared form here.

Do you offer any vegetarian/vegan food?
•    Many of our food stands offer vegetarian (and partly vegan) food.

Can I bring my pet (dog/cat/hamster)?
•    Due to the security of the visitors and for their own protection pets are not allowed.

When does the festival ground open?
•    The festival ground opens Friday and Saturday at 2.30 p.m. (+/- 30 minutes).

I lost my festival bracelet, what now?
•    We’re afraid we cannot replace any festival bracelets. If we’re not sold out you’re welcome to buy a new ticket.

Can I bring my beer or any other beverages to the festival ground?
•    You can drink anything you want on the camping ground. On the festival ground, however, we can only allow plastic bottles and cartons with a maximum of one liter (non-alcoholic).

I hurt myself, where can I get help?
•    If you’re slightly insured please contact our security staff. They will accompany you to the first aid tent. If you’re more severely insured call the ambulance right away (112, please name the exact place) or ask our security staff to call them instead.

Somebody stole something from me. What can I do?
•    Not everyone is a good person therefore we can’t rule out theft. If something of yours has been stolen please contact the local police in Neustrelitz (+49 3981 2 58-0). To avoid that in the first place we recommend you don’t carry any valuables on you. Just leave them at home or in your car.

Can I bring old furniture and leave them on the camping ground after the festival is over?
•    Hell no. We’ve had enormous issues in the last years with bulky trash that’s been left on the camping ground. We’re going to keep a special eye on everyone who brings large pieces of furniture.

I’m not of age. Can I come anyway?
•    Yes. See the question above concerning the age restriction.

Do you get food at the festival area?
•    Yes, our food stands offer different kinds of food, with or without meat.

I witnessed violence/vandalism/racism. What can I do?
•    Please tell the security staff immediately so they can get a hold on the person(s) responsible and contact the police if necessary.

Where can I find an information stand?
•    The information stand is located on camping ground 1 right next to the entrance.

Can I hand out flyers of my own event? Can I put up posters?
•    Yes and no. Please email us beforehand (post(at)immergutrocken.de) and we’ll decide whether that’s possible.

How do I behave in the face of acts of nature (storm/severe weather conditions)?
•    In the event that the festival has to be cancelled/called off we will try to contact you in every possible way. Please follow the instructions of our security staff and, if necessary, of the police and fire brigade. We recommend you take a look at the flight plans at the information point in order to be aware of your nearest emergency exit (almost like on a plane).

On the camping ground
Can I camp next to my car? Can I park next to my tent?
•   The camping ground and the parking lot are separated so no, you cannot park directly next to your tent. But don’t worry, most of the parking spaces aren’t that far from the camping ground.

I’m planning on camping in a large group. Is there any way to reserve a camping space?
•   We don’t really like it when people reserve large camping spaces. As the camping ground gets more crowded you might be forced to give up reserved space in order to make room for other people’s tents.

When will the camping ground be opened and until when?
•   Camping ground 1 will be opened on Thursday at noon. The camping ground at the “Paketzentrum” will be opened on Friday at 10:00 a.m. You should be gone by Sunday evening unless you want to be swept away by our cleaning team.

Is there a more quiet camping ground for families?
•   If you want a little peace and quiet you should put up your tent on the camping ground at the “Paketzentrum” where you are surrounded by the forest.

Can I put up a campfire on the camping ground?
•   Due to the danger of forest fires campfires will not be tolerated.

Can I use torches on the camping ground?
•   See above for fire restrictions. In other words: no.

Can I bring my power generator?
•   Power generators are not allowed and will be put out.

Can I light my left over new year’s fireworks on the camping ground?
•   Think about that for a second and look above for the campfires and torches. What do you think? In other words: still no.

Can I bring drinks to the camping ground?
•   Yes. You can bring all the drinks you want to the camping ground.

Sanitary facilities
Are there any wheelchair-accessible toilets?
•    There is one big wheelchair-accessible portable toilet on the camping ground 1.

Are there any showers?
•    Yes, there is one big portable shower at the entrance of camping ground 1.

Are there any lavatories?
•    Unfortunately we don’t have any lavatories. But we got some pretty clean – as far as they can be – portable toilets.

Do I have to pay for taking a shower/using the toilet?
•    No, that’s free.

Can you drink the wash basins‘ water?
•    Yes, you can. The water is potable water approved.

Garbage deposit
Where can I hand in my full garbage bag?
•    At the three garbage deposit stations. You can find them in the accompanying booklet.

When can I hand in my full garbage bag?
•    You can hand in your full garbage bag at Saturday between 12 a.m. and 4 p.m. and on Sunday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

When do you guys call a garbage bag full?
•    Please pack your garbage bag as full as possible – but not chock-full. Since we have to commit a clean and garbage-free ground back to the city, we would like to ask you for your help: Try to at least pack your garbage bag half-full.

Everything else
What are Neustrelitz’s must sees?
•    There are a lot of things you should see in Neustrelitz. Let’s name a few: the market square, the church, the regional theatre, the Carolinum school, the castle grounds including an orangery, the castle church, the castle ruins and two lakes. On your way to the Langer See you will already discover a lot of things, it’s like a small city tour. For further information:  http://www.neustrelitz.de/erleben

Are there any hotels close by?
•    There are a lot of different hotels. You can find a detailed list on here: http://www.neustrelitz.de/erleben/unterkuenfte/hotels_und_pensionen. It might be a bit difficult to find a free room though because we already reserved a lot of them for our artists.

Are there any shopping facilities close by?
• Yes, there are Norma (supermarket) and Thomas Philips (reject shop) close to the festival area. You can also find a Kaufland (supermarket) with a big drinks department close to the train station. On Saturday you can take our shuttle to the town center and do your groceries at Netto (supermarket).

Are there any lakes?
• Yeah, there are plenty of them. For further information take a look at our accompanying booklet. Or check out our website: http://www.immergutrocken.de/de/pages/anbaden

How do I get to the lake?
• On Saturday you can take a shuttle (Strelitz-Trolli) to the Langer See or Weißer See. It starts at the entrance of camping ground 1.

Can I clean myself with shower gel at the lake?
• Please don’t pollute the lake and its flora and fauna with your shower gel.

Are there any ATMs?
• We don’t have an ATM at the festival area. But you can find some all over Neustrelitz. For further information ask our friends at the information stand.

Immergutzocken (football tournament)
• When is Immergutzocken?
The football tournament Immergutzocken starts on Saturday at 11 a.m.

How can I participate in Immergutzocken?
•You can qualify for one of the two fan teams on Friday by doing goal wall shooting at the festival area.

How do I get to Immergutzocken?
• Immergutzocken takes place at the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion (stadium). Just follow the signposted footballs.

Can I buy Immergut merch after the festival already took place?
• Sure, just mail us (post(at)immergutrocken.de) and we gonna check our stock for you.

Why is the Immergut called Immergut?
• Immergut is a milk brand that sponsored us during the first festival year. They stopped sponsoring but we kept the name.

I’d like to help you!
• Just mail us (post(at)immergutrocken.de) and we check how you can help us.

I got some more questions/I’d like to voice some criticism.
• We are always open to questions and criticism. Just mail us: post(at)immergutrocken.de

Text: Rike