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Photo: Niklas Wolter

Deutsche Bahn’s big red regional trains are definitely our preferred eco-smart travel option. Traveling light and by train offers the unique chance to socialize with the locals, while getting your festival supplies in one of Neustrelitz’s many supermarkets. The nearest one is located about 500m east of the festival grounds.

REGIO trains connect Berlin, Rostock and Stralsund with Neustrelitz Main Station ( From there, our free shuttle train leaves whenever a big red train arrives and brings you directly to our festival grounds. If you travel in a group of up to five, make sure to share a “LänderTicket” and enjoy a massive discount on your journey. 

CAUTION CONSTRUCTION WORKS: During the festival weekend the train connection between Berlin and Neustrelitz will be irregular. Due to construction works between Berlin Gesundbrunnen and Oranienburg you might have to use the S-Bahn or even take the rail replacement bus service between Gesundbrunnen and Oranienburg. From Oranienburg onwards the regular REGIO trains will take you to Neustrelitz. Please check your connection on again close to your departure. 
Flixbus connects Berlin, Greifswald and Leipzig, twice daily, with Neustrelitz Main Station.

Shuttle Train (Neustrelitz Main Station – Festival)
Our free train operates (Thursday as a bus service) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (until 2pm). On Saturday, additional (free) trips to lakes and nearby supermarkets will be offered. The timetable will be published right here, prior to the festival.

Immergut Festival’s address is “Bürgerseeweg 27, 17235 Neustrelitz”. Please seat as many as possible in a car, since our parking spaces are limited. Neustrelitz has plenty of shopping opportunities and we recommend using the space in your car for friends instead of beer crates. If you don't want to drive alone or you need a ride you can have a look at FahrFahrAway, where you can find others with a car or in need of a car ride and nice small talk about the Immergut line-up.

Car Parking
Upon arrival, our parking lot volunteers will guide you to the nearest available parking lot. Please be kind and follow their advice. Please do not park on the street or in driveways. All camping areas are for pedestrians only and therefore strictly car free. If your car is parked on P1, we will provide you with a ticket that grants you the right to return to the same parking lot, in case you have to leave for a trip.

Caravan Parking
In our very broad definition, a caravan is considered to be anything that provides two people with enough space to sleep horizontally. Due to the limited available space on the caravan grounds, we kindly ask you to not pitch tents or pavilions next to your caravan.

The distance between our parking lots 1 and 2 (P1, P2) and the respective Camping grounds (Zelten 1 and Zelten 2) is fairly short (less than 100m). Please be reminded that cars cannot access camping grounds at any time.

The beige fleet of Neustrelitz’s Taxi Company will welcome you right outside the Main Station. If no taxis are available there, please call +49 (0) 3981 22222 and repeat the following phrase in your best German: “Guten Tag, ein Taxi zum Immergut Festival, bitte”.

Text: Steffi