Kero Kero Bonito im Kurzinterview

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Foto: KKB

Interviews kurz nach Fußball-Spielen, 100m-Sprints oder Biathlon haben ja bei den meisten Sportler*innen nicht immer den höchsten Informationsgehalt. So dachten wir uns, machen wir es anders herum und treffen Kero Kero Bonito doch einfach einen Monat vorm großen Auftritt beim Immergut Festival und löchern sie mit Fragen zu K-Pop, J-Pop, Festivalerfahrungen und so einiges mehr.

Immergut: How would you describe your music to someone, who has no idea what KKB is about?

KKB: Sarah's suburban time-warp dream.

Immergut: You have a huge asian fanbase. Whats the biggest difference between the european and the (for example) japanese audience at your gigs?

KKB: They aren't so different; the biggest difference worldwide is whether they're wavey or not.

Immergut: What do you think, why is J-Pop and K-Pop still under the radar in Europe and how could this be changed? Will it ever change? Should it even change?

KKB: Language barrier and racism. It'll change if people want to accept cultures other than their own.

Immergut: What do you think about (playing at) music festivals?

KKB: They're excellent but be careful not to be greedy at the artist buffet and get sick during the set.

Immergut: Are you festival goers yourself?

KKB: The first time Sarah had ever been to a music festival was when she took to the stage at Glastonbury.

Immergut: If so, would you like to share a good or bad festival experience with us?

KKB: Concrete and Grass in China last year was great. The Shanghai fans know.

Immergut: Will you join the audience and enjoy some other band performances at Immergut Festival? If so, which bands of our line up are you looking forward to?

KKB: Makeness did a remix for us but we still haven't seen his live show yet; we finally have our chance...

Immergut: Based between national parks and lakes, Immergut Festival is famous for its calm and close to nature atmosphere. What part does nature play in your lives?

KKB: It might be our biggest inspiration.

Wir sagen Danke und schauen mit viel viel Vorfreude aufs Immergut Festival 2018.

Text: Marco